Community Outreach


JoCo DC Goes Out to the Community

Joey & Tina Boykin, Coordinator

The Why?

Community outreach is where I find my passion to serve others. There are so many people that have lost all hope and just need someone to encourage them that there is still hope and his name is Jesus. I enjoy feeding our community and watching their reactions as they really see someone does care about them. With the outreach team we are searching for the one more and have seen people surrender their life to Jesus. I have found when we take our eyes off ourselves and love on others, we are more grateful of what God has already restored in our own lives.

What We Do

Saturday Lunch Outreach

One Saturday each month we serve a Johnston County community by providing free lunch and prayer. Volunteers rally at 9am and head out to the that day’s location to serve. We have a set up team that goes out early and a tear down team that helps with clean up. Check out our events page for more information.