Founder/Executive Director


In 2009, I was at a retreat when God impressed upon me to start a Dream Center.  At the time, I lived in North Central WV.  I partnered with others in prayer for God to open the door.  We read The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson and were encouraged to pray God-sized prayers and read the chapter on Dream Centers. We brain stormed what programs our Dream Center would offer.  But it was not to be in WV. 

A few years later I was able to visit the Phoenix Dream center.  This Dream Center focused on ministering to those struggling with addiction.  I was there on a Sunday and was invited to “street church.”  At the end of an amazing message, the visiting pastor opened the altar.  When he asked anyone to come up who wanted prayer, I went up.  He prayed for various needs and then said, “Someone here is supposed to open a Dream Center and God wants you to know He wants you to do it!”  I was blown away.  God confirmed what He had put in my heart.

But the timing was still not right.  I kept praying and seeking and waiting.  A friend of mine moved to NC to start a Recovery Program at Temple Church in Selma.  After he was there for 2 years, he texted me to ask if he could give my phone number to a lady in NC.  She, too, wanted to open a Dream Center!

We started praying over the phone each week.  Soon, God asked me if I was, “All In?”  and to pray for a job and place to live in NC.  So, I prayed.

Two days later, my friend called and asked me if I was moving to NC.  I asked him why?  Turns out Temple City Church was looking to hire an Operations Director and was offering me the job.  I decided before I said yes, I should check out a sermon from the Lead Pastor Rodney Pearce.  When I went to their website the sermon series they were in was called, “All In!”  Whoa!

I started my new job on May 1, 2017. In NC, Pastor Rodney Pearce, Temple’s Lead Pastor, finished reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson, just two weeks after I started working at Temple.  He told me that he thought the Dream Center would be part of the vision of Temple. 

In early 2018, a vision was shared about starting a Dream Center. Pledges were collected to support this “Dream” of opening a facility as a transitional housing opportunity for women and their children seeking a bridge from life in an emergency shelter, to a life of independence and living on their own. 

Our first outreach began in August of 2018, Adopt-A-Block, now called Community Outreach. In February of 2019 we went out on our first Homeless Outreach. In July of 2021, Transitions opened it’s doors to our first participant. We also started the Clothes Closet and Food Pantry that year. In 2023, Johnston County Dream Center became a Registered Nonprofit. We are looking forward to what is next!

Yvonne McCarthy